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I am so excited to have won $5500 on treasure of Persia! It could not have come at a better time.. I
“I am so excited to have won $5500 on treasure of Persia! It could not have come at a better time.. I have a lot of bills to be paid then will be planning a great holiday! Thank you Jet Bingo."
LeonieMH won $6,726 on HotHot Chili Pot
“I won on Chili pot and love cruise so was pretty chuffed. I am going to use the money to go and visit my daughter in the Yukon."
jono1081 won $1,394 on GoGo Gorilla
“I was so happy with my wins on GoGo Gorilla. I'm planning on putting the money towards a new car."
Roxsunny won $5,000 on GoGo Gorilla
“I am so happy to use the winnings to first finish on renovations to our home we started this year. Then I am going to take my family out for a dinner of their choice. I enjoy playing on this site for my relaxation time with all the fun players and the nice CMs."
bdunlop won $6,000 on Cash Fiesta
“I won this money on cash fiesta it was a great surprise and came in a great time of need. I will now be able to pay off some bills and take my 5 beautiful girls shopping to buy them some clothes, which I have not been able to do for a very long time. Thank you again."
baby elephant won $2,250 on Slots Of Bingo
“I was stunned when the 5 free spins symbols came up and sat looking at the dollars adding up. Wow, we are going on a cruise that leaves on Saturday for 7 days so that will be our spending money. The timing could not have been better, thank you to Jet Bingo."
boof00 won $2,000 on Cash Blizzard
“I love playing the slots on Jet Bingo - even more so the other day when Cash Blizzard threw me some penguins and I won over $2000 in a single spin. The $ have just paid for my daughters school uniform for next year when she is off to boarding school. Thank you Jet."
kathievv won $2250 on Jungle Fever
“I have a lovely brand, spanking new conservatory furniture set that I have lined up to buy with my winnings."
LAUREN17 won $8235 on Cash Blizzard
“Thank you Jet. The money will be put to good use. I'm moving in a few months and a few things needs to be done around the house. Most importantly I intend to give my family some great treats. Thanks again Jet, I couldn't have done it without the win."
ags45h won $10 047.50 on Galaxy of Riches
“I still can't believe I won on Galary Of Riches then a couple of weeks later I won on Aztec Empire. So thank you Jetbingo. I'm hoping to get a new bathroom, dishwasher and new car with the money. "
luckylady69 won $3,700 on Bingo
“Thank-you very much I was in a state of shock when I won the bonanza. My daughter is getting married next year and this is going to help with arranging a wedding and I also bought her, her dress. Thanks again Jet Bingo."
Dora75 won $1,600 on Crack the Safe
“This money will be used on a shopping spree and helicopter flight lessons."
theresa1870 won $3,467.49 on Bingo
“The win came at a really good time as i need a new fridge and to buy some baby clothes and things for the baby that i am expecting in a couple of months and also will be able to get my other kids what they need for school. Thanks jet bingo."
rpc1979 won $5,184.23 on Bingo
“I'm still in shock lol think i will treat myself to some new fishing gear and get the garden ready for summer."
Willstar79 won $2,100 on Jungle Fever
“Hi I had an awesome win of 2,100 on jungle fever and it couldn't have come at the right time especially when me and the wife were planning on a retreat weekend later in the year and were saving for it but now we plan to go much earlier with the winnings. Love Jet Bingo Thank you very much."
Thomo won $6,750 on Jungle Fever
“Thanks to jet bingo for my win of $6750 on jungle fever the money will be used for me and my 8 year old son for a holiday jet bingo is the best on the net."
Iris72 won $1,000 on African Safari
“I was quite happy to see my win pop up. I plan on paying a few bills so we are caught up. It couldn't have come at a better time! Thank you again JetBingo :)"
cat54 won $2,085 on Jackpot Jamboree
“I was absolutely thrilled to win $2,085 on Jackpot Jamboree!! Love this game. We had just come back from a short holiday to recuperate from a long hard haul, and had well and truly overspent! This win could not have come at a better time for us. Thank you Jet Bingo and Jackpot Jamboree. Cat54"
YayIwon won $1,125 on Jungle Fever
“Just like to say a big thankyou to Jetbingo for the amazing win of $1125.00 I had on Jungle Fever! It was a lovely surprise and the money will be put away to go towards a holiday with my daughter. Love playing the slots on Jetbingo! Thankyou very much YayIwon"
oneluckyone2 won $5,000 on Secret of the Pharaohs
“Thank you very much for the win on the game, since it came out I have loved this game. I Love the stacked Wilds it makes it more exciting. When I saw the win I was shocked. I plan to use the money for a new granite counter top in our kitchen. Thanks again and see you in the rooms."
sf1977 won $8,314 on Bingo
“It was such a depressing day and decided to play some jet bingo, i played a couple of games of bingo and on the last ball called I got the Bonanza jackpot. I was in shock, this will come in handy so much this month with getting my partner back from abroad! Thanks so much Jet Bingo"
Makemeawinner won $4,805 on Bingo
“I was so excited about my win. My 50th is coming up and I had always wanted to go on a cruise for it. This win will make that dream come true and I have just booked the cruise and am taking a girlfriend with me. I'm so excited!"
Winston54 won $1,500 on Blackbeards Booty
“My $1500.00 win on Blackbeards Booty came at a very good time as I am installing solar panels to my roof."
Iris72 won $ 2,250 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you Jet Bingo for another great win. My favourite game is Jungle Fever, and I was down to just a bit of money and decided to play 4.50 per spin, and all 5 wilds came out. Wow, I was surprised. The money is going to be my daughter's Birthday Gift, which is a ticket to Australia. I recommend JB to anyone. I love it here, friendly people, great CM's, and money to be won if you're lucky sometimes :)"
Ewa46 won $1,169 on Galaxy of Riches
“Hello! My name is Ewa. On Monday, I set up an account at jetbingo and after several minutes I won on one of the slots over $1,200 I will go on the shopping trip I have always dreamed of ;] I recommend to all jetbingo ;]"
Roxsunny won $1,020 on Galaxy of Riches
“I would like to thank you for the awesome win. I am Tina in the background and these are my 3 sons. It's not the amount of money I won, it's what I do with it that matters, and this will ease a lot of others and when I win I always tell them where I won. This is my favourite site, everyone is so kind and employees are great. Thanks again could not have helped at a better time."
Coolmintcake won $2,000 on Cactus Ranch
“Glad to have the opportunity to say Thanks Jet Bingo! The cat fell of the sofa when I won $2000 on Cactus Ranch because I woop wooped so loud! I'm planning a holiday to Egypt with my friend so that's taken care of, also some special days and weekends away with the kids over the summer. Thanks very much!"
Lechante won $3,604.11 on Bingo
“hello and thanks to all the great people at jet bingo, this money came at a time when i really needed it my kids and i are going away in 2 weeks and this will make sure we have a great vacation and i can get them some new clothes that they are in dire need of. So thank you so much for my win. Thank you and good luck to all the roomies."
Johno56 won $2,400 on Pyramids of Cash
“Hi all at Jet , I am back in the winner?s circle after a great win on Pyramids of Cash , I intend to buy a 60 inch 3D TV for my family with my winnings . Good Luck to all Jet players , Cheers for now John"
Btown won $1,327.00 on African Safari
“I was very pleasantly surprised with my win. I plan on using the money for my son's upcoming wedding and hopefully a trip away with friends next winter. Thank you so much!"
Suzyblue won $5,000 on Crack the Safe
“Thank you thank you! Jet Bingo I am so so happy I've enjoyed the best wins in my life thanks to you 3 jackpots and all up around 20k I can't thank you enough."
Iris72 won $1,698.02 on Bingo
“I was pretty excited, I needed 2 numbers, and they both came one after the other. I couldn't believe it. I plan on going away for a weekend, haven't done that for a long time. I also want to put some into my savings so I can go back and visit my family in Canada for Christmas. Thank you Jetbingo. I never thought it could happen to me!"
rianna77 won $3,627,00 on Roman Riches
“my car is in need of some attention so im gonna invest it there. plus lil shopping"
debstar22 won $1523.20 on Jackpot Bingo
“I was so excited, will buy myself something nice, thanks JET."
yeelesy74 won $1125.00 on Enchanted Garden
“I plan to go on a much needed holiday & shopping trip. Your customer service is excellent. I very rarely gamble so to win something was just amazing. It couldn't of come at a better time."
cazzalaz won $7,500.00 on Disco Heat
“I can't believe it! My daughter is turning 30 and I am turning 50 in a couple of weeks, we had been talking about having a party together to celebrate and now we can have a fantastic blast!! And I am going to spoil myself with a new car!!! again thanks so much!! :))"
Minnielegs won $2,277.00 on Jungle Fever
“ty so much for my win on jungle fever i intent to spend this money on my bedroom i need new carpets and furniture so the win was fantastic once again tyvm xx"
Tiggsyzoro won $1,800.00 on Spinning Spurs
“I was very happy to see my win on spinning spurs! I have just moved so the timing was great so I can buy a few new little items for the house! Thanks Jet Bingo and Goodluck everyone!"
patp61 won $ 3,757.50 - Sherwood Surprise
“Thank you this win is much appreciated, I plan to pay some bills and keep some to still have fun at Jet Bingo."
Michael61 won $2,014.00 - Cactus Ranch
“I am very happy with my win. I plan to pay a few bills and buy something nice for myself. Many, many thanks, Michael."
Johno56 won $2,600.00 on Lost City of Atlantis
“After many great wins on the Pyramids I decided to try my luck on Lost City of Atlantis and before too long I was winning big time... its a great game that continues to surprise with the collapsing win feature as just when you think you have gone up will pop a collect... so thanks Jet for yet another win which will help with the cost of purchase of two new computers for the kids... Cheers and good luck to all... Johno"

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